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- hand wrapper -

* Wrapping Machine 

* TW Series (TW-450 & TW-500)


● Pending Patent &Certificate of Design Registration

◎ The Special Device for Preventing PVC Film from being Re-rolled(Returned)

     - The Testing Result with & without a special device and a convex on the front guide -


■  Features

• If we insert a convex design on the guide & install a special device in a roller, easy to catch PVC film & wrap the items speedily because the film is always placed on the front guide.

• This machine can wrap all kinds of food products,preserve the freshness and keep them for a long time, prevent them from smelling, insects, dirt and damage.

• It's made from stainless steel for products'clean image, safety of food products and prevention of corrosion caused by moisture and salt.

• Temperature of heating plate can be adjusted easily by one touch of the electronic control box.

• It can use wrap film up to 500mm according to the model.

* TW-400SE/ 500SE/600SE (NEW Model)   

■  Features

• We have developed New type of hand wrapper without Heating plate. 

•All body is made by 100% stainless steel body. 

•Our best price we can supply to you directly is as bellows.

•Working plate(Lid cover) : 200mm -> it is20mm more wide than that of present model (TW-450 & TW-500model)

•Front plate : 0.8t stainless steel 

•The other all plate : 1.2t stainless steel-> so it has a very strong body. 

•It is possible to use Wrap film of Max. 500mm.(inside type to put wrap film under Lid cover)

* TW-400S (NEW Model) 

■  Features

• All stainless steel body and stainless steel saw balde. 

•Possible to install it anyplace with the saw blade type without connecting it to the electric plug.

•Economical price and light of weight.

* TW-400S with Film Holder (NEW Model)

* TW-400C/ TW-400SC Slide Cutter Type (NEW Model)

■ Specification



(Heating Plate)


Wrap FilmSize








HeatingCut 130℃

TW-500SE110~240V(50~60Hz)290WHeatingCut 130℃500mm540x330x170mm4.0kg(5.0kg)
TW-600SE110~240V(50~60Hz)290WHeatingCut 130℃600mm640x330x170mm5.0kg(6.0kg)

** We would like to introduce the features of our wrapping machines toyou shortly.

We have improved the quality of our hand wrapper by correcting the press mold as bellows

1. The Bottom Plate

We increased the center guide of the bottom plate up to 1.5CM.

The user can not see the electronic parts and insert the finger or and into it. And also, it can prevent the mice from entering in it.

2. The Front Plate


We didn’t make any small space on the front side of the front late(the junction part of the front plate and the bottom plate).

In case of all other hand wrapper, the user can insert the finger into it and the finger can often be cut because it is sharp.

3. Both Side Plate


When you open the upper plate(Lid), you have to press the right button and the left button. If the user operate(open) it for a longtime(frequently), both press button can be removed. So we made as mall space to prevent both press button from being removed. 

4.The Upper Plate(Lid)

We made the head of lid bent roundly. The user can not touch the cut part.

We make it looks good. And also, we made a wave-line for stronger upper plate. It also looks good.


5. The Rear Plate and all edge

We made a wave-line for stronger rear plate. It also looks good.

We made all edge round to prevent the user from being hurt.  

6. Nylon Holder in Roller

We specially made it with a new plastic(Nylon) injection mold.

The nylon holder is a much stronger than the previous plastic holder. 

Please understand that we solvedall quality problem which all dealers and users in world have pointed out for several years. Anyway, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of our hand wrapper.