Products Information

- manual tray sealing -

* Manual Tray Sealing Machine 

Manual Tray Sealer to seal the opened mouth with PET film after putting a various kinds of foods in the plastic tray or PE coated cup.

Packing the food products with tray sealer,easy to deliver it to customers and possible to preserve the freshness and keep them for a long time, prevent them from smelling, insects,dirt and damage.

Safe to eat it after heating up the food products in a microwave oven.

■ Features

•Suitable to pack a small quantity & a various items

•Suitable to pack a juicy items like soup

•Suitable to keep a sanitary conditions

* MA-1 (ABS Body)

■ Specification 

AvailableTray size
Min.137 x 90mm
Max. 230x 190mm
255 x490 x 370mm

* S200& S250 (unchangeable mold)

● S200Tray Size Sample

● S250Tray Size Sample

* M3 & N4 

● M3 Tray Size Sample

● M4 Tray Size Sample