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- pvc stretch film -

* PVC Stretch Film

Made with food additives, perfectly harmless to human body 

Product Features

-Use of pure vega table-base additives Chewing gum or pharmaceutical products Toothpaste Plasticizer used as a food additive is known to be harmless to human, and there on report of environmentally harmful residuals.


■ Exceptional adhesive strength

- In addition to the exceptional adhesive feature, uniformed surface of the products guarantees the quality and versatility of theusage, even in food preservation to maintain the freshness for the extended period of time.

■ Transparency

-Transparent surface will make the contents visible and maintain cleanness and safety of the food contents.


■ Product Type

Box packaging
15cm x 500M12 EA
30cm x 500M 6 EA
Industrial use
35cm x 500M
6 EA
40cm x 500M
6 EA
45cm x 500M
6 EA
50cm x 500M
4 EA